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Probate Cash Advance

Approved Cash provides fast, easy and convenient cash to customers whose inheritance is delayed in probate or a trust.

There are no upfront costs or fees whatsoever. You receive the money from your inheritance advance now, and the estate pays the balance at the time the estate is closed.

If you qualify to receive cash now from your inheritance, we can fund you in as little as five business days or less.

Get Your Inheritance Advance 

CALL US TODAY AT 877-252-6544 or apply online to find out how we can help you receive cash now from your inheritance.

  • "I received my advance in days and it helped me get my life going!"
    - Lena Flowers
  • "It helped me out a great deal. The service has been excellent. It was easy. "
    - Leonard Lee
  • "Approved Cash helped me get a fast probate advance. We used the money to move to our new apartment and to buy furniture."
    - Leroy Battle
  • "I needed my probate cash in order to get my car out of being repossessed. Approved Cash really helped me in a time of need. I am very grateful for their help. "
    - Mylene B. Millon
  • "I received cash to repair our vehicle and replenish my savings account."
    - Rene Deynes
  • "Approved Cash made me a quick probate advance which allowed me to pay probate court costs. My advance allowed me to close my probate case sooner and receive my inheritance."
    - Tim Heinze

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